About Turkhan Orchards

Turkhan Orchards specializes in farming tree nuts with a focus on almonds and walnuts. Our orchards can be found from Chowchilla to Marysville. Founded on the principles of becoming a vertically integrated, process driven company, we are able to deliver quality returns, products, and services to our clients. We consistently out-perform our peers and provide a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees.

Our talent, including an in-house PCA, bring a wealth of knowledge and success from across the agriculture sector to make Turkhan Orchards the top choice for farm management needs. As a full service farm management company we are able to provide custom services for both the family farmer and the corporate investor. We are happy to provide our clients with profitable, ethical, and efficient farming services and coordination.

Our Services Include:

Farm Management
Investment Services
Food Safety
Technical Services
Consultation Services
Value Added Growth
Pest Management

Turkhan Orchards - Wallnuts & Almonds